Winners Training Institute started in August, 1995 with two branches at Visakhapatnam and Chennai with Great Mission and Vision to Teach Spoken english, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu at both places.

Winners Training Institute is one of the Visakhapatnam leading Children Abacus Institutes for Self Empowerment. Having its Office located in Visakhapatnam, India. Winners Catch Abacus institution mangeded by professionals who have a decade of experience in Kids education and training.


Many people think Abacus education is about Maths. Unfortunately, some Institutions, who wants to make some quick bucks are also supporting the same argument and minting the money from gullible parents in the name of teaching Mathematics. Abacus education is not about mathematics. Mathematics is a vast subject.

In Abacus method, only basic arithmetic’s are taught. Using this basic arithmetic’s, we try to develop the Concentration, Listening Skills, Visualization, Memory, and Speed in the children. Once the child acquires the above, naturally his/her self confidence will get improved and they will be able to answer any question put by teacher without fear. Since we are working with basic arithmetic’s, children will be able to calculate the sums faster and if any child has phobia for numbers, it will vanish.

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